The Ultimate Road Trip List

Who else is excited for the upcoming holiday weekend?  I’m looking forward to getting a little rest and relaxation.  For those of you who might be getting away for the weekend, I thought I’d share a list of what I always bring with me on a road trip.

Comfy clothes.  Every destination is different of course so research the local temps before you go so that you know how to pack.  99.9% of the time you’ll probably reach for your comfiest attire.  Lately I’m loving shirts with words on them, especially when I find one that describes me.

Comfy walking shoes.  My husband and I tend to do a lot of walking no matter where we travel so I make sure to pack comfy sneakers.  I really love my new Adidas sneakers.  I wear them all the time on the weekends.  I can hardly believe that I resisted buying them for so long.  (They reminded me of my high school days and yes I realize that I’m dating myself.)

Camera. Whether it’s a new destination or a regular stop, taking photographs is a great souvenir and a lovely way to remember your trip.  With a camera in my hand I actually start to look at things a little differently.  I don’t mean “through the camera,” I mean I start mentally trying to see angles and frame shots with my surroundings.

Travel size stuff.  If it comes in a travel size then I’m buying it and it’s coming with me.  I’m all for making my bag lighter (or making room for clothes that I don’t end up wearing).  Sometimes I get suckered into buying travel sized items because they’re cute and small and not because the individual items are actually useful.  Don’t go down that aisle at Target if you don’t want to end up like me.  😉

Sun protection.  If you’re going somewhere that includes plans for being outside, don’t forget to bring sun tan lotion, a hat, and sunglasses.  I’ve been using Banana Boat Sport sunscreen for years and love it because it’s not greasy or “lotion-y” feeling.

Entertainment.  Whether you’re a passenger in a car or you have some downtime, bring something that you like to do that relaxes you.  After all, one of the best parts about a road trip is getting away from reality for a bit and getting some rest and relaxation.  I love to read but I don’t always have time to fit it into my daily schedule, so I look forward to reading a good book on our vacations.  I make sure that I’ve ordered a new book or two for my kindle before I head out.

Have a safe and fun weekend!



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