Cozy Bedroom for the Holidays

Good morning!  I’m doing all sorts of different things today.  For one, I’m posting on a Saturday which I don’t normally do.  Last week was hectic at work (my day job) and everything totally got away from me so I wasn’t able to post anything.

Second, for the first time I’m sharing photos of my bedroom with you.  I think my bedroom is an intimate and personal space so I wasn’t comfortable putting photos out there for the world to see.  Plus I’m still decorating the room and it’s not really complete yet.  You’d think we just moved into this house but it’s been four years already.  I guess the bedroom is never the priority because only my husband and I see it.

Anyway, I haven’t decorated the bedroom in years.  I figure why put in the effort if only two people see it.  But this year I decided to do it up for the holidays and I was excited to share the photos with you.


I like to keep the home decor simple, especially in the bedroom.  I’ve always loved light colors for the bedroom.  There’s something about it that makes me feel like I’m in the clouds (or something).


I didn’t want to go too “Chritmas-y” in the bedroom so I stuck with red touches for a pop of color.  Red reminds me of the holidays and these touches will be great to carry me to Valentine’s Day without having to redecorate.  Bonus!  🙂


I love, love, love fresh flowers anywhere in the house, but I don’t do this all the time because flowers are expensive.  We are hosting dinner for friends tonight and these pretty flowers will be showcased on the dining room table.  Once dinner is done I’ll move these pretties back to the bedroom to enjoy.  On a typical every day basis when I’m not taking photos to share with you for the blog or hosting dinner I use faux flowers instead.


Does anyone else find decorating the TV stand tricky?  You can’t put too much out because then you end up blocking the TV and that’s no good.  I’m never really happy with the set up but this is what I’ve got going on right now.


I keep some of my jewelry out for easy reaching.  I only keep out the items that I wear most frequently because I don’t want it to look cluttered.


This is what I call our bedroom nook.  This area still needs a lot of work.  It needs some side tables and art work and other warm touches.  Maybe some day I’ll find something that hits me.


How cute is this little pillow?!  I bought it a few years ago and I still love it.  This nook needs more pillows.  I don’t think you can ever have to many (as noted by my bed).  😉


Now it’s time to kick off my heels and relax!  Well, actually I can’t do that until tomorrow since we’re hosting dinner tonight.  ‘Tis the season.  I was up early this morning to make the meat sauce for homemade lasagna so I’ll definitely be ready to chill out tomorrow.


Have a lovely weekend!!


  1. MariaMay says:

    Home look so pretty!! I loved these ideas, It look extremely tremendous. Place as you said it is very cozy. My bedroom is also having a personal space. I think it is the important corner of a home!!

  2. nationalmed says:

    Wow!! such a beautiful place it is. I would really love to spend the whole day inside the bedroom. Very refreshing it will be. I loved the way you have arranged it.

    1. Tina says:

      Thank you so much!!

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