New Things

It’s a new year and I’ve got some new things that I’m really loving.  Of course I must share them with you.


New planner.  A new year means a new planner.  I wanted something more sophisticated than my 2016 planner so I chose this weekly leather planner from Gallery Leather.  I was so excited when I found it.  I almost felt like I was 10 years old picking out new folders for the new school year.  My husband points out that virtually no one uses actual planners anymore since everyone has smartphones.  I’m old school and I like the zen task of copying all the useful bits from one to the next each year.

New food.  Somewhere along the way I saw someone make a grapefruit and avocado salad.  To be honest I was initially grossed out by the idea because they seem like an unlikely pairing.  However, it kept nagging me (morbid curiosity?) so I tried it… twice.  It’s actually pretty good.  I shared a photo of it on instagram and twitter.

New fashion.  Puffer coats are are on trend right now and I just bought this one.  It has a hood which will be super useful when it snows, but the best part is that the hood has a faux fur trim.  Loving that!

New beauty.  I recently ran out of lip balm so I was looking to try something new.  I’ve been using Kiehl’s lip balm #1 for a couple of weeks and I’m obsessed with it.  It’s not sticky (which I hate) and it feels nice on my lips (whatever that means).  Lip balm is crucial for Connecticut winters so I’ve been using it a lot and my lips feel great.  I will say that I don’t like that you have to apply it with your finger, but since it keeps my lips from cracking I’ll overlook that one problem.

What new things are you loving?


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