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Happy Friday, my friends!  Here’s the Stuff I’m Into lately:

Tassels, Bright Colors, and Clutches, Oh My!  The embroidery detail on this Star Mela clutch is amazing.  I don’t usually wear a lot of bright colored clothes, but accessories are great way for me add a touch of color into my outfit without feeling self conscious about it.  It’s sold out from the website I bought it from, but I found it here.

P.S.  My husband says it looks like a potato sack, but I’m going to pretend he didn’t say that.  😉



Summer Lusting.  For the past two months I have been lusting over Tory Burch’s Liah Wedge Espadrilles and Robinson Envelope Continental Wallet.  I thought about them and thought about them some more.  I couldn’t get them out of my mind.  I even recently bought some new blouses to go with the cobalt espadrilles!  You know, the espadrilles that I don’t have yet.

I decided I would treat myself but that I would patiently wait for a sale.  These items are still pricey even when they are on sale, but I was determined.  I checked online for a sale literally every day.  Then yesterday it finally happened.  Tory Burch is having a sale!  I put the two items in my cart without delay, entered my information, and of course as Murphy’s Law would have it, my order was not going through.  The last time Tory had a big sale most of the items sold out very quickly.  A couple of hours and things were gone and I really didn’t want to lose out this time.  To avoid problems on their web site, I actually picked up the phone and called in my order.  Take that technology!  I got my order in even though you were trying to snub me!  I was shaking with excitement once the order was in, but that might have been from morning coffee.  😉  I will definitely share pictures once I receive my fun new pieces.  🙂

Smoothies.  I probably sound like a broken record, but I’m on such a smoothie kick lately.  I can’t get enough of my Pineapple Coconut one and this Tropical Smoothie.  I love adding some Cascadian Farm Organic Oats & Honey Granola for a little something extra.  Okay, so adding granola to a smoothie sort of makes it not a smoothie so much.  You can’t really drink granola with a straw, you have to eat it before the granola becomes goop, and the extra heartiness does make it a bit more like a meal.  Hey, it’s my smoothie, if I want it to be not as smooth sometimes, that’s what I’m going to do.

Tropical Smoothie10

Haylie Duff.  Not Hillary Duff, but Hillary’s sister.  Did you know that Haylie has a cooking show… and a blog?  I didn’t, until a couple of weeks ago.  I caught two (repeat) episodes of her show, Real Girl’s Kitchen, on the Food Network channel and I’m obsessed.  On one of the episodes, she goes to a goat farm to help make goat cheese and then she makes pizza with the homemade goat cheese.  So fun!

Later in the episode she works on a food truck, making a couple of recipes using goat cheese.  I don’t think a would survive working on a food truck.  A lot of chefs in a small space sounds like my clausterphobia would kick in.  It also looks like it would be a bazillion degrees in the truck with the ovens on.  That’s rough.  Plus, if you’re doing it right, you’ve got long lines and lots of people of waiting.  Talk about anxiety!  I love cooking in the comfort of my kitchen (no shock as a I have a food blog).  However, I don’t have any desire to work on a food truck.  I give food truck chefs lots of kudos because it looks like a lot of hard work.  Would you like to work in a food truck?


Ciao for now!  Xoxo.

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