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I’m a girlie girl when it comes to make-up.  My husband can shower and get dressed during the time it takes me to apply everything (and sometimes… okay, all the time… he’s still waiting for me).  However, on the weekends my beauty routine is not as high maintenance.  It really boils down to cream, powder, blush, mascara, and lipstick.  What else is left?  For the sake of this post, you’ll just have to trust me that there’s more.

Here’s my go to beauty products (in other words, the products that I cannot live without and have a backup ready for when I run out):


This IT full coverage cream is everything.  When I try a new foundation or concealer it usually takes me a few trials before I decide if I like it.  Even if I like it, I usually end up trying a new brand once the bottle is done.  However, I instantly fell in love with this IT cream from the first day I tried it.  It’s a foundation and concealer all in one.  Plus it’s SPF 50!  It does an amazing job covering my imperfections (sun spots and red areas).  It’s not sticky, it’s not tacky and it’s not heavy.  I’ve been using it for about a year and I’ll definitely be buying it again when I run out.

This is my second bottle of Bare Essential’s face and eye brightener.  I have to admit that I might not always use it on the weekends but it’s worth sharing with you because it’s an amazing product that I recommend.  It does exactly what it sounds like… it brightens your complexion.  I use it under my eyes and on the “laugh lines” around my mouth.

Mascara, mascara, mascara.  I wrote a whole post about my eye lash routine so obviously I’m kind of crazy about them.  The one I photographed in this post is from Dior.  Check out this post to see why I love it so much and some details about two other brands that I love equally.

This Anastasia brow pencil is the best thing ever.  I have been using this for so many years that I can’t even remember how long it’s been.  It’s a magical thing.  It’s so natural looking that even my mom didn’t realize that I used a brow “helper.”


I have to wear a lipstick or gloss of some sort, even if it’s a tinted lip balm, otherwise my lips feel naked. I’ve been searching for the perfect nude lipstick for months and the search is finally over.  Emily from The Sweetest Blog recommended this Yves Saint Laurent lip stick (color Beige Tribute) and this Mac lip pencil (color Stripdown).  The lipstick is expensive but it is worth it because I wear it all the time.  Sometimes I wear it with a colorless gloss over it and sometimes I go without, for a more matte look.

I did not take pictures of my face powder or blush because, quite frankly, the containers look disgusting from using them for so long with my make-up covered fingers.  Ugly bottles aside, I absolutely wanted to share with you that I love Tarte powder and Nars blush (color Orgasm).  I’ve been using these products for several years.  In fact at one point I couldn’t find the powder anywhere and I panicked.  It turned out that the cosmetic company simply changed the packaging.  Phew.  I felt like writing the company to ask them to notify me if they ever plan to discontinue it because I’d buy a life supply before that happens.

Wow, I had no idea that I could write this much about a handful of beauty products.  My husband is laughing that this is my “less makeup on a weekend” line up, but he’s a boy so he’ll never understand.  What’s your go-to beauty product?  Ciao!

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