Stuff I’m Into: Road Trip Essentials

Who else is excited for the upcoming holiday three day weekend?  A lot of us are planning road trips so I thought that this would be a great time to share with you what I think are the road trip essentials.

Road Trip Essentials01

[T-shirt / Jeans / Leopard flats]

Comfort chic outfit.  Wearing comfy clothes is key and a classic t-shirt and jeans (or jean shorts) does the trick for me.  Not only is that comfort at its finest moment but it’s an easy outfit to put together.  Plus it’s a great casual look if you’re meeting up with people at your destination.  (In other words, you don’t need to stroll up in sweat pants, unless that’s your thing.)  I’ll either wear flats or sandals, depending on my mood, because sometimes the road trip is to a place that involves walking around.

Warm accessories.  Even in the summertime I like to have a light weight scarf and cardigan with me.  I get cold easily so it’s handy to have in the car if my husband has the air conditioner pumped up or if it’s cool in a restaurant.  Of course they both coordinate with that t-shirt and jeans outfit.

Snacks and water bottles.  It’s always about food.  Snacks are a must especially if you’re traveling in unknown territory or in rural areas because you may not hit a restaurant when you want it.  When my husband and I were on our road trip last year visiting some of the national parks and canyons we had lots of snacks in the car, but our go-to snack was corn nuts.  It was not intentional.  We found ourselves gravitating to them and it’s become the running joke that that was “the snack” for out west.  We bought some more when we got home but it just wasn’t the same.  (My husband says it was exactly the same, they were tasty both on the road and at home.  At home eating them just felt like snacking while on the road it was survival gear.)

Road Trip Essentials02

[Scarf (It’s from last season but I linked to a similar one.) / Sunglasses (Old but I linked to a similar pair.) / Cardigan / Tote]

A big tote bag. I like to bring a lot of miscellaneous stuff with me on a road trip.  That “stuff” differs depending on where we go, but it never fails that I have a lot of it so I always sport a big bag to lug it all around in.

Sunglasses.  Of course it’s important to protect your eyes when you’re out in the sun but it’s even important in the car.  Plus, it helps to deflect the sun when it’s hitting the car in a spot where the sun visor can’t block it or when the car in front of you is being a big meanie and reflecting the sun off the back window perfectly into your eyes.

What do like to have on a road trip?  Ciao!

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