5 Lunch Meal Prep Recipes

Are you looking for healthy lunch ideas?  Here’s what I’ve made for lunch recently.

1. Hummus, Greek salad and Naan.  As the summer days are ending, I’m trying to enjoy the fresh veggies as much as possible.  Tomatoes, cucumbers and feta cheese is one of my favorite savory combos of all time.  I made hummus to add a little protein to my lunch.  Thankfully hummus can be enjoyed 365 days (and believe me, I do).

2. Chicken Fajita.  This is a delicious dinner that turns into just as tasty leftovers for lunch the next day.  You can check out the original blog post for the recipe

3. Chickpeas with marinara, quinoa, and grilled asparagus.   Have you ever tried chickpeas with marinara?  It makes for a great vegetarian Italian meal.  I used my favorite jar sauce to make this lunch prep quick.  I think it would have been better with pasta but we didn’t have any, so quinoa did the trick.  It was still tasty.  🙂

4. BBQ chicken with quinoa and broccoli.  This is one of my favorite make ahead lunches.  The BBQ sauce is what seals the deal for me.  I love this stuff.

5. Salsa verde chicken with quinoa and broccoli.  This lunch is exactly the same as the BBQ one above, except I’ve replaced the BBQ sauce with salsa verde.  You only need to swap out one ingredient, and voila, you’ve got a new lunch idea (even if it’s only slightly different).

Ciao for now!



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