Guest Bedroom Essentials

How is Thanksgiving two weeks away?!  Are you hosting dinner?  Do you have guests staying overnight?  Since it’s officially hosting season I figure many of you are getting your guest bedroom ready for your guests so I thought that I’d share with you how I get my guest bedroom ready.

1. Fresh flowers.  It’s all in the details and fresh flowers make the room warm and welcoming.  Plus it’s a nice treat for me because when the guests leave I move the flowers to the kitchen or family room for me to enjoy some more.  I love adding a touch of the holiday in the bedroom, like a couple of cute mini pumpkins.  If it’s another time of the year then I use something else that’s seasonally appropriate.

2. Water.  I like to stock a couple of bottles of water in the room in case someone gets thirsty.

3. Snack.  Do hotels still turn down your bed and leave a piece of chocolate?  Or is that just in the movies?  Nevertheless, I love adding a piece or two of chocolate on the bed.  I think it’s a cute touch.

4. Lots of pillows and blankets.  Everyone has different sleep habits so I want to make sure that there are plenty of pillows and blankets to accommodate someone having a comfy night’s sleep.  Best case, they use everything, worst case they just don’t use the extras, either way everyone wins.  Blankets are definitely handy this time of the year in the Northeast but if you live in warmer locations then maybe extra water bottles make more sense or something.

5. Trinket tray.  I take my jewelry off at night and I always feel like I’m going to lose it when I’m not using my usual trinket tray on my night stand.  I like to have one in the guest room because it’s the perfect accessory for your guests to place their little do-dads in one spot so that they hopefully don’t lose anything.  After all, once you get them to leave, you don’t really want them coming back for a lost earring or something.  😉

Happy hosting!



  1. Woodmax says:

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    1. Tina says:

      Thank you so much!

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