Guest Bathroom Essentials

It’s the season of entertaining and hosting.  Last week I shared how I prepare our spare bedroom for our guests.  Today I’m sharing how I get my guest bathroom ready.

1. Fresh flowers.  I love adding fresh flowers to any room because they are a nice touch.  I only use fresh flowers in the guest bathroom when I have overnight guests who will actually see and enjoy them.  Once my guests are gone, I move the flowers to another room where I can enjoy them.

2. Stock the bathroom with things that you need while you’re on vacation.  I like to stock the guest bathroom with things that anyone would need for an overnight stay.  That way my guests don’t have to bring as much, or if they bring things and forget something, they are covered.  I try to think of what I pack for a vacation and then have those things readily available, like tooth paste, band-aides, face wash, and shampoo.  I bought the jars from Target and stocked them with still more basics, like cotton balls, and q-tips.   I have three younger sisters so I’ve also added things that girls need, like hair clips and face wash towels.

I bought the tray from Pottery Barn.  It’s a great way to help organize all the things in one nifty area on the vanity.  It also helps that I can stow the whole thing away without disassembling it.

3.  Towels.  I hate bringing back a wet towel in my luggage so I like to have towels available for my guests.  How cute are these little face towels?!  I got them from the Home Goods store.  They are black so guests don’t have to feel bad for getting make-up all over them.  They’re going to get washed when they leave anyway, so there is no need for them to feel like they might have ruined anything while they are here.

It’s been a few years since I updated the decor on this guest vanity and I absolutely love the way it came out.  It’s pretty and my guests have what they need at their fingertips.  In fact, it inspired me to switch things up on the vanity in my bathroom.

Happy hosting!

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