Cheese Board for Two

This is not a recipe. Grab your favorite cheese, crackers, bread, and seasonal fruit and voila. Voila, you have a cheese board.

My husband asked me if people needed a recipe for a cheese board. I doubt it. Instead, I’m focusing on the idea. We’ve seen charcuterie boards, cheese boards, and even cookie boards for a crowd, but have you thought about doing one for you and your loved one? If yes, then great minds think alike. If not, then you’re welcome.

With everything going on in the world, we aren’t entertaining and we aren’t eating out. However, we can enjoy the same or similar food, just in smaller portions for the two of us in the comfort of our own home. I grabbed some of our favorite goodies, like olives, grapes, figs, Havarti cheese, Cabot cracked peppercorn cheddar cheese, crackers, and homemade sourdough bread and piled it on a cute little cutting board. Of course it took me longer to neatly place everything than it should have (sometimes it stinks being a perfectionist). My husband will skip the olives because he doesn’t eat them, but I love olives and for me they complete any cheese board.

I paired the cheeseboard with some wine, taking inspiration from a visit to the Hopkins Winery a couple of years ago. My sisters and I enjoyed a similar cheese board over a fabulous bottle of wine. Of course you can also enjoy the cheese board with beer, your favorite cocktail, or a non-alcoholic beverage. In fact, I’m already planning my next cheese board theme to celebrate Oktoberfest. I’m thinking cheese, pretzels, mustard, and beer. Oh that sounds so good. The skies the limit with ideas. As long as you’ve got some good food and company, then you can’t go wrong. Well, you may want to avoid dumping things with sauce on your cutting board, so that’s at least slightly wrong, and a total mess.

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