Christmas Dining Room 2021

I couldn’t be more excited to get back to holiday hosting this year so I decorated the dining room with a cozy elegant natural look.

I kept the color scheme neutral with whites and greenery, but I added a pop of color using my mom’s ornaments. They were hers when she was a kid so they have a special spot to shine. I seem to drop an ornament or two every year when I’m decorating the tree so adding delicate ornaments to a bowl is a great way to showcase them and to hopefully avoid breaking any.

Cozy means lots of candles. I used a mixture of both real and flameless ones. Can you tell which ones are real?

I wanted a Christmas tree in every room and I did achieve that, even if it’s a little 2 foot one.

This nativity set belonged to my Yiayia (Greek grandma) and I thought that it added an elegant touch. She passed away in October and the first Christmas will be the hardest without her, but I have made sure to add her touches around my home to remember her.

I kept the table setting very simple and monochromatic, using white dishes and cloth napkins. I just received the silverware, which was a wedding gift to my Yiayia and Pappou. During dinner I couldn’t help but think of my grandparents and all of the dinners they might of hosted using this silverware.

I’ve had these faux little wreaths for years. I usually use different color ribbon to give them a new look each year. This year I used green ribbon in keeping with the color scheme for this room. In the past I’ve hung the little wreaths using ribbon which was always a disaster and took me hours and hours. This is the first year that my husband hung them using Command hooks. Hopefully they’ll come off easily at the end of the season but boy were they a big time saver.

This centerpiece is one of my favorites. I wanted a simple and natural look so I used a lot of candles surround by fresh boxwood greenery.

I’m in love with the wood candle stands. They bring the outside in, literally. My husband cut them from our Christmas tree while he was doing the fresh cut thing so it would drink.

Happy holidays and I hope you have lots of good food and time with family and friends!

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