New Look

Do you ever feel like you need a change?  I am approaching my 100th post and I thought what better way to mark the occasion by making some updates to my blog.

Here’s what’s new:

  1. I’m on Twitter now!  I know…why’d it take you so long?  At the top right of the blog, you can now follow me on Twitter.     🙂
  2. You can now subscribe to get emailed when a new post is published.  Stay in the loop in another fun new way.     🙂
  3. I have some featured posts at the top of my blog, instead of the peacock picture.  I loved that picture, but really it was mostly just pretty and not terribly useful.
  4. The background design has changed.  It used to be an elegant black design.  The new pattern reminds me of the fun paper straws that I’ve used in some of my posts.  It took me hours to find a background that I was happy with and I think this works…for now.     😉
  5. Now only one post will appear in its entirety on the front page, instead of two.  I like how the front page doesn’t seem so long now.  To compensate for this a little, there are more preview posts at the bottom than there used to be.
  6. I’ve added a picture of myself on the About page.  In the beginning I was shy to include it.  I guess I wanted to remain as anonymous as possible.  However, now I’m meeting so many wonderful new friends, many of them my fellow bloggers and it seemed like being a wall flower could just be holding me back.     🙂
  7. While I was in there throwing my picture around, I also updated the avatar that gets used when I reply to comments.

I hope you enjoy the changes that I’ve made to my blog!


  1. Hi Tina!
    I love the new look! And yay to email subscriptions and Twitter! Now I can get all of your posts in my inbox. I’ll have to tell one of my gal friends from work as well. She really likes your blog. She really wants to try your chocolate crumb cake. I do too! One of us is going to make it one day and take it into work.

    Hope you have a great week! Thanks for stopping by Marvelous Mondays and letting me know about the email subscription and Twitter. I’m now subscribed and following on Twitter and Pinterest. 🙂

    1. Tina says:

      Thanks so much Julie! I’m glad that we’ll be able to stay connected through different social factors. 🙂 That’s so awesome to hear about the chocolate crumb cake…let me know if you or your friend end up making it. My family is nuts about it (well, I am too) so I’m sure you’ll love it. 🙂

  2. I love the grey stripe background. Looks great!

    1. Tina says:

      Thanks so much! I spent hours looking and the stripes just called out to me. 🙂 I appreciate you stopping by!

    1. Tina says:

      Thanks Pamela! 🙂

  3. Love the new look! And approaching 100th post is a big milestone –congrats! 🙂

    1. Tina says:

      Thank you Anne! 🙂 Love that we’re connected on twitter now…so much fun!

  4. Love the new look and now following you on Twitter!!

    1. Tina says:

      Thanks so much Ashley…on both counts! I love that we’re in touch on twitter now. 🙂

  5. Joanne says:

    It always makes me feel so refreshed to do little blog updates like this! Looking good!

    1. Tina says:

      I had no idea I’d feel this excited about my updates. I was secretly hoping my readers would enjoy them too. 🙂

  6. Late to comment (sorry!) but I wanted to say I really like the changes you’ve made! I’m so excited to see your smiling face in the comments and I like the new pictures (vs. the peacock) Way to go Tina!

    1. Tina says:

      Thank you so much Mary Frances! I always look forward to your comments and I’m happy that you love the blog changes as much as I do. 🙂

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