Christmas Sundaes with Miniature Gingerbread Man Cookies

If you add a little gingerbread man cookie to a bowl of ice cream then it makes your sundae instantly cuter.

I wanted a quick and easy dessert to serve at some of the holiday dinners that we host this season.  Ice cream sundaes are always a hit (not to mention easy), so I thought I’d make sundaes but with a Christmas twist.  After all, ice cream is acceptable even if it’s 15 degrees F.

I think these sundaes are all about these miniature gingerbread man cookies, which is why I wanted to give them credit in the title of this post. My husband is not a fan of long titles, but I’m making an exception today. By the way, I’m calling these gingerbread men a miniature size because they are half the size of what I normally make. They are probably more like a small cookie in reality.

These little dudes give an ice cream sundae all the holiday feels.  I whipped up a batch of them before hosting season started and popped them into the freezer. Talk about a make-ahead meal. Dessert was all but made ahead of the dinner party and I’d only need to buy the ice cream and toppings. 

You can use whatever kind of ice cream and toppings you like.  I chose vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce because I thought they complimented the gingerbread flavors nicely.

I have leftover mini gingerbread man cookies but trust me they will not go to waste. They will be included in the cookie tins that I give out to family and friends (assuming that we don’t eat them before then).

Christmas Sundaes Recipe
(As many servings as you want.)


  • 1 recipe of gingerbread man cookies, using a 2 inch cookie cutter (which makes about 5 to 6 dozen cookies)
  • ice cream
  • whipped cream
  • caramel topping


  1. Bake the gingerbread man cookies. You’ll have lots of leftovers to serve for other functions or give out to friends and family.
  2. For each sundae, add the ice cream and top with a gingerbread man cookie, whipped cream, and caramel topping. (Or anything else you like on your sundaes of course.)

Source:  Tina’s Chic Corner

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