Christmas 2020

Merry Christmas! I usually start decorating our home during Thanksgiving week, but this year I started even earlier. Maybe right after Halloween? I started with a few pine cones and pine branches in the kitchen and assured my husband that I was only decorating for winter. In truth, that is how it started.

I was inspired by this Santa and so I thought I’d go just go with the flow and move him here (and hope that maybe my husband wouldn’t notice Santa made an appearance mid November). Since our dining room has become puzzle central and we’re not entertaining this holiday season, I wanted to keep this room fun and whimsical.

I added a touch of fancy too. Even if I’m sad that we’re not hosting this year, there is something to be said about drinking wine or champagne out of fancy glasses in your pajamas.

Our family room is the heart of our home, especially this year. So I focused most of my holiday decorating here.

I used nature as my inspiration for this room.

I used three different kinds of faux garland and some floral picks for the fireplace. Usually I use most (or all) of my garland stash in our entryway but I decided not to decorate that area this year since we don’t really see it.

Pretty much everything you see in this post is something that I already had with the exception of this bead garland that is new. I loved playing with the wood textures this year. I think the wood helped add that little bit of extra variety to give it a country chic look.

I’m not really a DIY kind of girl, but I made the swag in the picture below. That’s 2020 for ya. We always have to cut a couple of bottom branches from our tree in order for it to fit into the tree stand, so I recycled a branch into a decoration. I was inspired by a faux swag that I saw for sale in a couple of stores. (For a LOT of money!) I think my version came out pretty nice, if I do say so myself.

Lighting a fire and lots of candles is one of my favorite things to do on a winter night. It adds so much warmth and coziness to the room.

Our family room has 12 foot ceilings so we usually get a big tree and place it in the opposite corner from the fireplace. I love that the tree is the first thing that our guests see when they enter the room, but this year we decided to go for a smaller tree in a different corner. It should make it easier on us to put up and take down.

I love how it compliments the fireplace. As for the tree itself, she’s truly beautiful but it’s not what I’m used to which means that I wasn’t exactly happy with it. This was a grumbly topic in the house for a little while because my husband rightly pointed out that it was over 7 feet tall and I like 11 foot trees and this one is skinny and I like huge wide trees, and so on. I’ve settled down about it now, honest. Let’s just say that no matter what is going on in 2021, we are getting a big fat tree.

I love the light that was coming in the afternoon (in the below photo) and you get a sneak peak of another corner of the family room.

In the below photo, I created a cozy reading area. This is the corner where we’ve put our tree in the past.

We use our side tables a lot so I kept the decorations simple. You can’t have enough candles.

I love how this corner turned out.

I kept to a white theme, but used different textures for more visual interest.

I added fairy lights to the garland, although they are hard to see in the below photo. Fairy lights are so fun. I have them on the two trees in front of the fireplace too.

I hope you enjoyed my 2020 Christmas home tour.

Have a safe and lovely holiday season!


  1. Marie says:

    Beautiful job, Tina. I love the tree too. It’s plenty big. You do a great job decorating. You have a flair for it.
    Wishing you and yours a Blessed Christmas and Happy, healthy 2021.

    1. Tina says:

      Thank you so much, Marie! I really appreciate your kind words. Have a the most wonderful holidays!

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