Christmas Dining Room 2023 and The Most Requested Cookie Recipe

My husband and I love baking and handing out cookies.  Chocolate chip (or M&M) cookies are hands down the most requested cookie no matter what time of the year it is.  If you’re lost about where to start your holiday baking, then I recommend you start with these chocolate chip cookies because you can’t go wrong.

We also love hosting friends and family, and one place we spend a bunch of time is our dining room. This year it has a rustic/nature/elegant theme. I kept the table center piece very simple. 

I used whimsical bird accent plates to match the nature theme. Even though they are not “Christmas-y” per se, I think they still give a nice festive touch.

If you’ve seen previous Christmases here at Tina’s Chic Corner, then you’ll recognize the wreaths that I adorn on the back of the chairs (thanks to my husband and removable hooks).  In fact, most of the decorations are things that I already had. I’ve had these little wreaths for several years but I simply change the ribbon to match the theme in the room.  Ribbon is a great and inexpensive way to update stuff you already have.  (Try not to feel pressured to buy the latest and greatest or what’s trending every year.) I also added velvet ribbon to the candlestick holders.  I’m kind of having a moment with velvet ribbon this year and you’ll see more of that in other rooms (stay tuned to see that).

I must have changed the vignette on the cabinet at least five times.  I finally found my inspiration and combined faux evergreen and berry garland with my live ivy plant.  The wood stump is from the bottom of our live tree (courtesy of my handy husband).  Even though it took me a while to find my vision, this turned out to be my favorite way that I’ve ever decorated this spot.

Happy cookie baking and entertaining!

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