Decorating a Vignette 101

Your personal space reflects your style so when you decorate it your things give the room character.  For example, you can decorate the walls with art you purchased from a garage sale or you can decorate the coffee table with books you’ve bought on your various travels.

One way to decorate a room is to arrange a group of objects together on a flat surface, like a table, mantel, or night stand.  Professional designers call this a vignette.

Here are some tips to help create a strong visual impact in your vignette by doing one or more of the below: 

1.     Use an odd number of objects, especially 3 or 5.  For some reason using an odd number looks more natural.


From my Wine Corks Decor post.

2.     Vary the heights of the objects.  For example, elevate objects, like stack objects on a pile of books.


From my Easy Candle Glam post.

3.     Create depth with the objects.  For example, layer objects, like leaning pictures in the background, use small objects in the front and taller ones in the back, place objects on angles from one another.  You don’t always have to have things in a straight line.


From my Springtime Decor post.

4.     Vary textures of the objects.  For example, mix metals, wood, fabric, shiny, or dull objects.


From my Pillows for a Nook post.

5.     Group similarly related objects.  For example, use multiple objects of the same color, same style, or something that shows a commanility amongst the objects.


From my DIY: Cozy Sweater Votives post.

6.     Create a framework.  For example, set your objections on top of a table runner, tray, or cutting board.


From my  Whites & Greys post.


From my Fiesta Tablescape post.

7.     Look around and see what inspires you.  Use sources, like your favorite designer or a store to get inspiration.

8.     Have fun with it!  Decorating is subjective so there is no right or wrong way to do something.  Decorate to show off your personal style.  Do what makes you happy!



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