Simple Coffee Table Decor

I find decorating my coffee table so much fun because the possibilities are endless.  Technically I have a “cocktail table” since there are little shelves that you can pull out to place your drink.  How neat is that?

The table is pretty traditional with its round shape and dark wood.  I have a nice blank slate to work with.  I wanted a simple, uncluttered look using neutral tones, which and I did by using only three neutral colored objects.


I still adore the cork screws in the over sized round glass container that I made a few months back.  Wine Corks Decor can coordinate with any season so I decided to leave it out.  Next to it I added a square clear acrylic box.  I could have filled it with some sort of filler decor but I loved the simplicity and modern look of it by itself.  I actually found this box in the bathroom accessories department.  No one says I have to use in the bathroom.     😉


Placing an odd number of objects together tends to give a look a more natural appeal.  So I added a third object to my look, a rectangle box covered with a mother of pearl like texture.    I’m in love with this piece because I love the various neutral tone colors in the texture.

The entire look has a rustic and contemporary feel.  I think this sophisticated style works because all of the objects have a common theme with their neutral colors.  The wine corks have a rustic charm while the clear acrylic box has a modern feel.


Pick a theme you enjoy and don’t hesitate to combine styles to make a look yours.     🙂


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