Mmm Pies

How in the world is Thanksgiving already only two weeks away?  Crazy talk.  We all know that means it’s pie season.  I’ve made a variety of pies over the years and I thought it was high time to showcase them all right here in one nifty spot.  There are a couple items in the list that are barely pies, but they are still delicious.

Apple Pie.  This is the only apple pie recipe you’ll ever need because it’s that good.  It’s a family recipe and I make it almost every Fall.

Pumpkin Pie.  This pie is THE dessert for Thanksgiving.  It’s another family recipe and I make it almost every Thanksgiving.  Yes, sometimes I make both pumpkin and apple pies in the same year and sometimes more than once.  People have their favorites and they aren’t afraid to suggest I make them.

Chocolate Pie.  Chocolate is not a traditional dessert for Thanksgiving but I think it’s a nice option for those who don’t like fruit or pumpkin pie.  Plus, it’s chocolate and it’s delicious.  Kind of hard to go wrong with that, even for Thanksgiving.

Tiny Apple Pies.  You only need 2 ingredients and bam, you’ve got tasty pies.  I haven’t made this recipe in a while but I really love it because it’s easy and quick.  You can even get the kids involved to help you make them.  I love a recipe that involves only assembly and this one has the bonus of the result being super small and cute.

Triple Layer Chocolate Pie.  Yes, more chocolate.  The Thanksgiving rules are going right out the window here.  I think from now on I’m just saying chocolate is valid for Thanksgiving so I don’t feel like I’m cheating from now on.  This chocolate pie is a serious crowd pleaser and it’s so simple to make.  I just told my husband that we need to make it again or perhaps try this recipe using a different flavor (click on the recipe link to see what I mean).

Blueberry Pie.  This is not the sort of pie that I make this time of the year because blueberries are out of season and mad expensive.  However, I felt weird not including it in this pie round up because this blueberry pie is a winner and I’ve made it several times.  If you’re in a location that has easy access to berries during off seasons then this one is for you.  😉  Just replace the star decoration for a pumpkin or leaf shape (or skip the decoration altogether).

Mini Walnut Pies.  Cuteness wins every time.  Plus you can have like five of them.

Chocolate Pecan Bars.  These bars are like a pecan pie, but made in a rectangle pan, and in no way like a pie really.  I included these because they honestly remind me of pie in convenient bar form.  I’ve made these at Christmas time, but I think they would be a great addition to a Thanksgiving feast.  It’s all about the desserts for me when it comes to Thanksgiving food.



Are you making a pie (or two, or six) this year?  I’d love to know what kind you all are making.  I’m always looking for new pie recipes to try.

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